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TG Motocross 3 - Free Racing Game
Instructions :

In this TG Motocross game you face the challenge of doing intense tricks over steep mountains. Each level makes the objective increasingly difficult as you jump and fly your way through each selection of terrain. Be careful though, if you miss your landing or mess up your trick, there is not much that could keep you from falling to your death! You will find yourself clinging to your keyboard as you leap off of high jumps over huge gaps in the earth crust. In TG Motocross 3 your ability to read how to land will become life changing! Use your minimap to know what is coming up. Keep your eyes open and your helmet on in every level because you may never know which one will be your last. Each level in TG Motocross 3 will make you want more as you fly through the open sky craving the earth just so you can have the opportunity to fly out again. Simply use the arrow keys to move, and the keyboard to do tricks. This is the third in the TG Motocross series and is showing to be better than the rest, make sure you stick around for the next one! What are you waiting for? Get on your bike, and have fun!

Up: Accelerate
Down: Reverse/Brake
Right: Lean Forward
Left: Lean Backward
Z,X,C,V,B : Do tricks while airborne.
Up+Right : Climp steep hills
Up+Left : Wheelie, Gain extra speed

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